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Usually installations are about transforming spaces. With my installations I transform the space of sentient consciousness. My installations challenge viewers to enter an immersion of concepts within a small space like a mind over-whelmed with ideas. The relationship of the limited space with the prosperity of sentient consciousness is my metaphor of the battle that mortal beings face in recognizing our limited time to utilize and appreciate the power of our infinite mind.  I then use this discomforting reality to demonstrate the dichotomy inherent in justice, equality, caring, and value for existence which we witness historically as the human spirit;  a presence that each of us participates with, yet none of us can singularly claim as our identity. It's as if we are the God that people believe in. My hope with my installations is to share that presence of reassurance in our innocence as sentient beings, to suggest that humanity is God and that cruelty is the belief that any of us are not morally innocent in our existence, our thoughts, our feelings or our behaviors since all of what we do contributes to our more powerful understanding of value for our existence and the righteous fulfilment of justice for all. How can we transcend systemic racist morality and have full justice if we cannot forgive our God, our sentient power and not allow error to exist there?

GraceANN Cummings
the artist who paints god's mistake