GraceANN Cummings
the artist who paints god's mistake

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 With my installations I transform the  space of sentient consciousness.

My installations challenge viewers to re-visit  their consciousness as time

perceived as moving  pieces & thoughts rather than as a person or an identity.

In my art I utilize friction and participation as my medium to suggest that our connection to eternity happens because of our mortal lifetimes.   

By including "the witness" as part of my medium I give each viewer creative presence in my art. The witness must participate with my art in order to see it much like we must participate with life in order to grasp what it is and its value for us.  Like consciousness that is used differently by everyone, but universally inherited at birth, everyone who views my work will see something different but also be able to share some common experiences with others, while the work itself remains the same universal resource.

My inclusion of this witnessing process is my expression that our innocence (as well as our consciousness) as sentient beings is  moving time and cannot be ruined by any singular consequence.  My artistic suggestion is that not only is our innocence unable to be imprisoned or ruined because of its characteristic as a "multi-witness," but simultaneously we should not prejudice our connection to this moving innocence with false conclusions or premature assumptions of what innocence is. As an artist I ask through my work: "What is true innocence other than entitlement to witness life? What is true innocence other than each individual having their own relationship with innocence? What is true innocence if the witness is not allowed to understand negative?  What is true innocence if negative is  condemned as unworthy of being seen?  How  can we transcend systemic racist morality and have full justice if we cannot fully understand and forgive our innocence?