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  Title: A Shift in Consciousness

  Medium: oil, acrylic, graphite pencil on canvas, metal, wood,
                      cable, floor/wall hook
  Dimensions: 8' H X 16 1/2 ' W X 5' D
​  Year: 1995-2002

title page covers: white to black vibration

GraceANN Cummings
the artist who paints god's mistake

Each canvas and matching page of script 

The design resembles an oversized book that the viewer can walk into as well as read. Additionally this book can be read/experienced from right to left as logically as from left to right because the "story" is about forgiveness; specifically the forgiveness of sentient consciousness and its human relationship with time, morality, emotions and mortality. My use of paper for the printing of the words is to present the ephemeral, fragile nature of thoughts. At some point in the future these words will lose their glued connection to the material canvas which is the association I make with human mortality. Yet I have already captured their memory with photographs of the installation. So the words can be printed with ink onto the canvas in the future, or re-created on paper to fall apart and decay again. This is like memory that passes from each human to the next. Meanwhile, the paintings themselves will remain the same and represent me as a unique individual who left this memory for others to see. The platform on which these paintings pivot is a semi-circle to symbolize motion as both linear and circular as it moves thus drawing attention to the divisional nature of motion.  The pivoting motion of the canvases symbolizes the movement of time and memory with its own divisional nature of back and forth; changing yet stable: memories that are re-examined.