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By re-creating the experience of doubt inside a space that can be exited,  I enable the viewer to recognize the natural permission of choice and forgiveness. No mortal being is obliged to eternally appreciate life, and can be reassured that any choice of appreciation contributes some value back to life. Doubt is thus transformed into a vehicle of wonder, curiosity and variety instead of trauma and uncertainty.

Live Sample of being Inside the Box

GraceANN Cummings
the artist who paints god's mistake

Title: Honest Doubt AKA Inside the Music in a Box with a Flashlight.

Medium: wood, soundboard, works on paper, oil on canvas, flashlights, music through poor quality fidelity boombox (bad fidelity required)

Dimensions: 8' H X 8' W X 8' D

Year: 2006-on-going and modulating, and now discontinued.

Music Commissioned from composers: Chris Delaurenti and Tom Baker

2 names for the installation, intentional use of materials that look/sound unfinished, a small space to share with others filled with a plethora of images that can only be accessed in a dark environment with the limited scope of a flashlight, and cannot be avoided even by one's feet; all while music plays to over-stimulate the senses further.  Inside the Music in a box with a flashlight AKA Honest Doubt is my comment on the human confrontation with doubt which is an ancient trauma in the human spirit. Whether you believe it is caused by God or natural evolution, the awareness of being limited by mortality and its ensuing moral complexity associated with living is a horrendous quandry. My intent with this piece is to push awareness to the realization that doubt comes from the lack of appreciation, a lack caused by mortality.  Time is eternal, but  is  "too much" for a mortal being who cannot live long enough to appreciate it all. The failure to love is caused by the prosperity of infinity, not intent.