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GraceANN Cummings
the artist who paints god's mistake


I tell people that I paint God’s mistake which I know is controversial whether you are deeply religious or the opposite such as atheist. Yet my work is not about God or religion or atheism. My work is about the universal presence and power of error caused by mortality. Our mortality is not the intent of death, but it creates our personal annihilation.  This personal destiny leaves each of us vulnerable to condemning our connection with innocent others who “created us to die” without our permission. Our “error” is our ownership of blame for mortality which is not the power over death; it is our power over cruelty.  This inescapable destiny is where my art begins its expression(s) of the sublime to the ridiculous and sometimes humor.  In short,  I capture error as moving, innocent TIME rather than material loss.

I use 2-D art to symbolize TIME as broken yet unfinished and continuing.  Like the backside of a hung painting we are absent before our birth and brought into reality through “others” who have marked our canvas of life already. Once born we see ourselves reflected on the "front side" of life yet witness our previous absence.   My art examines this division as BEHAVIOR OF TRUST.    The change that each of us becomes by birth is a natural expression from life that we can perceive as a tradition of change. My art celebrates this with my rotation of mediums, vivid colors, energetic brush strokes, narratives of time-conflict, vortex compositions showing our inescapable connection to a fractured reality, rhetorical word-play, and weapons symbolizing our relationship with mortal vulnerability. My “signature” is broken mirrors that capture the WITNESS as part of my art reminding us of our entitlement to mortal existence.